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SuperMacGruber is ready to fight again

Image The former Green Beret, Navy SEAL and US Army Ranger is set to embark on a new mission. According to Movieweb , a sequel to the action comedy " SuperMacGruber " is being prepared in Hollywood.

Special Agent McGruber was coined by screenwriter Jorma Taccone and actor Will Forte in 2007 for the sketches of the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” ( Saturday Night Live ). The parody of the series "Secret Agent MacGyver" ( MacGyver ) was so warmly received by the public that soon they decided to devote a whole film to the hilarious super spy. Taccone was entrusted with the director's chair of the comedy, and Forte was to return to the image of the title character.

In 2010, SuperMacGruber flopped at the box office, earning only $ 9.3 million on a $ 10 million budget. However, even such low box office receipts did not prevent the comedy action movie from rapidly gaining cult status among moviegoers.


The script for the new film about the adventures of McGruber was written by Taccone and Forte . The creators of the franchise are in no hurry to report whether they have managed to enlist the support of any film studio. Considering the failure of the original film, the second part may not get theatrical distribution, but go straight to one of the popular online services.

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Author: Jake Pinkman