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Clive Owen will go up against Will Smith

Image The upcoming fantasy action movie Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, is gaining momentum. The project has been in development for about two decades, the names of many Hollywood figures have been associated with it, but only now the film has become more than ever close to the big screens and is starting to gather a cast.

According to the Variety portal, Clive Owen ("Human Child") is ready to join Smith. He will play the central antagonist. The plot revolves around an already middle-aged elite mercenary, who began to lose his former grip with age. The bosses decide to use the latest technology to create a clone of him, and then force the main character to fight with his own copy, which is in its prime. Although the details of Owen's role were not disclosed, he will apparently be a supporter of the evil clone.

The original script for the film was submitted to Disney Studios back in 1997. Then the project was associated with the name of Tony Scott. Despite all the efforts of producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Curtis Hanson, work on the film got off the ground only last year, when Skydance Media took over. At the same time, Ang Lee (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) agreed to lead the shooting of the action.


The shortlist of applicants for the main female role has also become known. Lee is reported to be meeting three actresses in the near future - Tatiana Maslani (Stronger), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Fargo) and Elizabeth Debicki (Night Administrator).

Filming is due to begin in the spring, and the casting news that has emerged suggests that Ang Lee intends to meet the deadline before October 2019, when the film will premiere.

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Author: Jake Pinkman