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Spider-Man Gets a New Partner

Image It looks like Marvel and Sony have no doubts about the success of their blockbuster co-production Spider-Man: Homecoming . Jonathan Watts' film comic will hit the wide screen only in two weeks, and Hollywood studios are already in full swing planning work on its sequel.

Spider-Man made his debut in the Marvel universe in last year's Captain America: Civil War blockbuster. The first solo album of the young superhero will give viewers a new meeting not only with Peter Parker himself, but also with Tony Stark . With the help of Iron Man , Hollywood studios intend to emphasize the belonging of “Homecoming ” to the Marvel universe, and at the same time attract additional viewers to cinemas. According to rumors, the services of Robert Downey Jr. cost Marvel and Sony $ 15 million in three shooting days.

As it became known to the edition The Hollywood Reporter , the studios do not intend to use the highest paid actor in the universe Marvel in the next tape about the adventures of Spider-Man . It is expected that in the sequel, Parker's partner will instead of Iron Man be some other superhero.


Insiders are still at a loss to say which of the characters in the comics Marvel will be the guest of the second movie about Spider-Man . Fans of the MCU would be happy if Chris Evans realized the dream of starring in a solo album of a young superhero. Fans of graphic novels would also love to take a look at the duo of Spider-Man and Daredevil . Perhaps, for the sake of another grandiose crossover, the leadership of Marvel will finally decide to use the stars of TV series about the superhero team Defenders in their full-length blockbusters? ..


" Coming Home " will be released on USA screens on July 6 . The world premiere of the second solo album of Spider-Man is scheduled for July 5, 2019 .

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