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Netflix is ??interested in King's Game of Gerald

Image In 2014, the director of Oculus Mike Flanagan announced his desire to film Stephen King's novel Gerald's Game . However, difficulties in finding a distributor forced the filmmaker to abandon this idea for a while.

At the SXSW Festival held in March this year, Netflix acquired the rights to Flanagan Silence, a thriller, and positive reviews of the film immediately opened before the director of new opportunities. In a conversation with reporters Rue Morgue Flanagan admitted that Gerald's Game interested the leadership of Netflix , which means the project has all chances for implementation in the near future.

According to the plot of the novel, the role-playing games of a married couple who went to a secluded house on the lake end tragically. After the sudden death of her husband, the main character, who remained handcuffed to the bed, gradually realizes that there is no need to wait for help, and gradually begins to go crazy - it seems to her that some person is watching her from the corner of the room ...


For me, Silence is my most successful film. He has received many views, people speak positively about him. Coincidentally, Stephen King watched the movie on Netflix and tweeted about it. I was absolutely delighted, and after that we just discussed Gerald's Game , - admitted Flanagan .

The filmmaker also noted that the Netflix service is ready to provide him with complete creative freedom.

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Author: Jake Pinkman