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The Boondock Saints director is preparing a comeback

Image About the director Troy Duffy Hollywood first heard in the late 90s. His story was even honored with a separate documentary called "All Night". Still - a bartender and part-time musician with no experience in cinema made a low-budget film "The Boondock Saints", which eventually received the status of a cult, and at the same time managed to antagonize many producers. The studios have covered the project several times, and rumor has it that Harvey Weinstein even added the name Duffy to his"blacklist".

As a result, the director shot another sequel to The Boondock Saints and disappeared from the radar. However, after almost ten years, Duffy is ready to return. According to a press release from Oceanside Media , the filmmaker will spearhead the production of The Blood Spoon Council , described as a chilling psychological thriller.

The events of the film will revolve around a group of avengers tracking down serial killers across the country. FBI assigns a young profiler to study the behavior of the elusive group leader. However, the smart guy puts the whole investigation in jeopardy by tying up a game of cat and mouse with a criminal genius.


There is no information about the cast of the future tape, but it is curious that the press release mentions several other projects of Duffy - the action movie Rock 'Em Sock' Em and the comedy Black Ghost , which the director is preparing together with Cedric the Entertainer. In addition, Duffy plans to include a triquel The Boondock Saints , as well as a series based on the film that was launched a couple of years ago.

The Topic of Article: The Boondock Saints director is preparing a comeback.
Author: Jake Pinkman