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Freedom for Angela Davis!

Image According to the information portal The Tracking Board , the studio Lionsgate plans to release an unnamed biopic about the American human rights activist Angela Davis on the big screens. The screenplay will be directed by Kei Oyegun, who worked on the family drama This Is Us. Nina Young Bongovi (Narcotic) and Sydra Smith (Free Angela!) Undertook to produce the future film, and the winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe awards will act as executive producers. / b>Forest Whitaker and Angela Davis herself.

In the 1960s, Davis was a prominent activist in the US Communist Party and a member of the Black Panther organization, whose goal was to advance the civil rights of black people. Just starting to teach at the University of California, Los Angeles, she was fired by order of then California Governor Ronald Reagan due to her membership in the Communist Party.


Angela Davis gained national fame in 1970, when the firearms she bought were used during the hostage-taking in the courtroom, several people were killed then, including the judge. Under California law, the owner of the gun used to kill was considered an accomplice, so charges were brought against Davis . The human rights activist was on the run and became the third woman ever to be on the US list of most wanted criminals.

Two months later, Angela was arrested, but her imprisonment sparked a national outcry and sparked public reactions around the world. In 1972, Davis was acquitted because the prosecution failed to prove her involvement in the hostage-taking and murder. After that, she became actively involved in the struggle for the rights of women and prisoners, to speak out against homophobia and the death penalty. Now Davis is a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


The image of Angela Davis and her activism are reflected in the culture. She was dedicated to songs by John Lennon and the Rolling Stones. USA musicians did not stand aside, in particular, Garik Sukachev has a composition called Freedom to Angela Davis! .

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