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Beauty is a terrible force. Trailer for ”The Neon Demon”

Image Nicholas Winding Refn , director of the crime dramas Drive and Only God Forgive, presented his new film The Neon Demon at the last Cannes Film Festival ... The public's reaction was mixed - visitors to the show booed a bold mix of offscreen dismemberment, seductive beauty and oceans of blood, but most critics were delighted with what they saw. Vibrant colors, electronic music, dynamic storytelling and horror elements came in handy to reveal the unsightly underside of the fashion world.

The plot focuses on the provincial model Jessie , who comes to Los Angeles to conquer the catwalk and hit the covers of the most famous fashion magazines. At first glance, a naive and innocent girl very quickly takes off to the top of this business, revealing in herself talent, an animal grasp and the necessary composure. However, will the heroine be able to survive among envious and cruel colleagues, each of whom is just waiting for her failure, and is she really so pure, so easily accustomed to the world of filth, betrayal, corruption and greed?


Refn in various interviews has repeatedly emphasized that " Neon demon " is also a statement on the topic of how difficult it is to be a woman in the modern world. It is not surprising that the choice of the actress for the main role fell on the fragile 18-year-old Elle Fanning, who has yet to gain a foothold in Hollywood and learn the dark side of the Dream Factory. In " Demon " the girl revealed herself from a completely new side, at such a young age showing both maturity, and an animal grin, and strength of character, and an inner core. Perhaps it is this work, which is fundamentally different from everything that El has shown on screens before ("Maleficent", "Very Low"), will make the film community look at her with different eyes, and academics - give her a chance to join in the race for the top prize in the coming bounty season.

The Neon Demon
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It will be possible to evaluate the new film by the director, whom many reputable publications have already dubbed the successor of Lars von Trier, July 28 , but in the meantime you have the opportunity to evaluate the rapidly maturing and"dangerous" Elle Fanning .

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