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USAn Box Office: Pets Prevent Mechanic From Resurrecting

Image Last week we wrote that this year's box-office hit, Disney's Zootopia, has a competitor ready to compete for the title of the most successful animation in history - the brainchild of Illumination Entertainment " The Secret Life of Pets ". So far, bold predictions are justified - the pets behave confidently on the screens of the country, practically do not lose the interest of the viewers and add substantial sums to their assets. The second official rental weekend brought the four-legged wanderers 319 million rubles .

It was the tape of Chris Reno and Yarrow Cheney that helped the top twenty films of this week to collect 636 million rubles. - not even resurrected in the hearts of USA moviegoers "Mechanic". Returning to the comparison of " The Secret Life " with " Zootopia ", we note that the first picture in 11 days of full-fledged rental and several days in the format of a preview earned 1,600 billion rubles. At the end of the same period, the police hare Judy and her cunning partner foxes Nick made a little less - 1.507 billion rubles. So new furry friends give we have a rare opportunity to watch the most curious duel between the project of the animation giant and the product of a smaller one,

It should be noted that the global success of " Pets " has added ambition to the leadership of Illumination Entertainment . They not only planned a sequel to their newly acquired cash cow, but also set their sights on building their own animation universe like the one seen in the pictures of Pixar . Be that as it may, ordinary viewers, and especially children who want to have a positive last days of vacation, do not care about corporate confrontation. This moment was thought out as well as possible by distributors who receive bonuses from the favorable location of a bright and touching cartoon in the rental grid.

Even Jason Statham could not get through the pack of dogs, and therefore the fighter " Mechanic: Resurrection " had to start from the second line. It is worth saying that this film had fewer days in stock - it premiered on Friday, not Thursday, as usual.

ImageDuring this time, Arthur Bishop, who again stepped onto the criminal track earned 98 million rubles . The result was weaker than that of the original - the predecessor ended his debut weekend with an amount equal to 127 million rubles. And nevertheless, the sequel " Mechanics " is not far behind in terms of fees fellow genre. For example, a similar topic and, accordingly, target audience "Carrier" a year ago rolled onto USA screens with 108.3 million rubles .

The unpromising box office of the tape found a simple explanation - traditionally it came from the critics' camp. The journalists drew attention to the fact that even the work of State in his usual genre niche could not distinguish a picture from a number of monotonous, faceless projects. And if accusations of the primitiveness of the script are not such a global problem for the militants, then repeated references to the obsolete action game are already critical. In addition, reviewers who either desperately vilified the picture or just spoke coldly about it, also noticed the fact that the director of the sequel to " Mechanics " Dennis Gansel in his homeland, in Germany, he shot, though not outstanding, but distinguished from the general mass of films like "The Academy of Death" and "Taste of the Night", but now he was crushed by Hollywood. Which, however,
Third place went to the atmospheric and genre-breaking thriller " Don't Breathe ", which became the leader of this week in the US box office. For a modest project, the proceeds 61 million rubles is a good achievement. In addition, horror films without a mystical component, whose plots are based on psychological games between the characters, rarely achieve high-profile success at the box office. For example, the triquel "Doomsday" started only with 23 million rubles. And the advertising campaign for the new small-scale film was completely invisible.


The name of the director Federico Alvarez , who was noted in the business only with the horror film "Evil Dead: Black Book", one episode of the series "From Dusk Till Dawn" ( From Dusk Till Dawn ) and several short films. What the picture “ Don't breathe ” could safely count on was the reviews of the first eyewitnesses. And it worked - the film received a lot of positive and even enthusiastic reviews, which especially noted its uncomfortable atmosphere, the frantic pace of the narrative, adrenaline action and cruelty, mixed with some penetration. The thriller is unlikely to become a hit (and it does not claim such accolades), but it certainly will not disappoint its consumers by giving them everything that the trailer promises, and even more.

ImageThe controversial crime comedy fell from second to fourth place “ Guys with trunks ", which some call an unconditional success and even compare to" The Wolf of Wall Street ", while others - a mediocre dramedy with inappropriate morality. In any case, the dogs of war, Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, sent another 49 million rubles to the project's piggy bank. , and in total, Todd Phillips' feed raised 225 million rubles .

The story, which is hard to believe, provided the tape with some stability in the box office. Although for USA realities it is more alien, and our compatriots were more likely to go to the next joke from the director of stag parties in Vegas. Not receiving it, the audience calmed down their ardor, which affected the box office - the picture has not yet paid off its 45 millionth budget, even at the expense of the worldwide distribution. In general, she behaves much less cocky than her main characters.

Our analytical review is closed by the blockbuster " Suicide Squad " which has taken root in this section. The super villainous action movie David Eyre has not left the screens of cinemas for almost a month, and its name has not disappeared from the news in connection with the next details of filming and misunderstandings that arose between the director and the studio during these times. Apparently, this provided the psychos from Midway City with a still good amount of 37 million rubles .


From the world on a string for twenty-five days of showing, the film has accumulated 1.575 billion rubles. This figure brought the brainchild of Air to the fifth place in the history of distribution in the CIS. However, our country is not the main indicator of triumph - much more important is the fact that in the home financial standings " Squad " generally takes an honorable second place and, it seems, is in no hurry to leave the top 5. Yet this is no reason for the curators of the MCU DC to rest on their laurels. Now they will have to put in a lot of effort so that the next full-length film will not only significantly lighten the wallets of moviegoers, but also conquer the finicky ones who reasonably believe that cartoons and series based on comics today are shot much better than superhero blockbusters.

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