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Space outlaws tore out the box office from the rogue stars

Image The last box office in the past year did not set any records, but it did not disappoint the distributors either. The top 20 films of the past week even managed to slightly improve their performance compared to the previous reporting period. Thanks to the appearance at the box office of the advertised novelty - the blockbuster " Passengers " - the producers today have reason to rejoice at 720 million rubles and rely on the success of their projects during the hottest film period - the New Year holidays.

Do not forget that domestic filmmakers do not give up hope of bringing USA films to the same level of demand as Western ones, and therefore, perhaps, on the first weekend of next year, our Viking Danila will fight against Hollywood space explorers. In the meantime, the top five grossing films of the weekend are headed by the controversially accepted romantic sci-fi " Passengers ".

The film of last year's Oscar nominee Morten Tildum earned 286 million rubles and immediately entered the top five space projects, overtaking the starting indicators of Gravity ( RUB 242 million ), Elysium ( RUB 231 million ) and the Star Trek triquel ( RUB 218 million ). However, the melodrama, skillfully disguised as fiction, predictably failed to surpass the initial amounts of "The Martian" and "Interstellar". And yet, representatives of the Passengers "replicating company WDSSPR have no doubt that by the end of the holidays the project will reach the billion dollar mark, despite the negative reviews of the professional community and the cool reception of the public.


The latter were disappointed with the film, the trailers of which promised very different perspectives. Somewhere in the middle of the plot, the director's accents shifted to a love line between forced, lost in space loners performed by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. From that moment on, viewers could say goodbye to all the intriguing hints of good sci-fi. As a result, most journalists noted in " Passengers " only exemplary special effects, impressive graphics and good work of the actors, which is too little for any modern high-budget project.

The pre-holiday box office was not without a representative of USA cinema. Already a traditional winter leisure for our compatriots has become a trip to the comedy franchise "Yolki". Nevertheless, the fifth installment of the episode was received by the audience without much enthusiasm. " Christmas trees 5 " from the company of directors headed by Timur Bekmambetov could earn only 187 million rubles , and this despite the fact that all previous films turned out to be head and shoulders above in financial terms.

ImagePositive dynamics was observed from the first to the third tape inclusive - starting fees for this time increased from 209 million rubles. for the original “ Elok ” to 365 million rubles for “Elok 3”. This was followed by the “Fir-Trees 1914” that were out of the format, but even they managed to bring their creators 220 million rubles. on their debut weekend.

Distributors do not despair in search of an explanation for the decline in interest in the franchise. Judging by their comments, “ Christmas trees ” are so strongly associated with the holidays among the population of our country that moviegoers deliberately leave the fifth film at the beginning of January. There are hopes that the comedy fees will still be leveled, but it's time for the authors of the franchise to think that the tragedies of the end of 2016, the New Year's commotion and other indirect circumstances have nothing to do with it. Perhaps the idea itself has become obsolete. If you believe the negative assessments of reviewers, the short stories of the film almanac have lost not only freshness, but also any connection with each other, their plots can be predicted from the first minutes, and jokes have acquired a touch of vulgarity in the absence of even the slightest hint of originality.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said for the newcomer of another, even longer-running franchise. Rogue One turned out to be a surprisingly powerful film, which, although it was put in a certain plot frame, was able to offer jaded viewers a slightly different vision of a distant, distant galaxy. As a result, the wonderful film, which in fact turned out to be a full-fledged military drama set in Star Wars, still holds the financial top, although the drop in its fees is quite significant. Having earned 102 million rubles. , the tape Gareth Edwards , who managed to rehabilitate after the disastrous "Godzilla", sank by 70% .


Now in her piggy bank - 518 million rubles. , and the coveted billion is not even looming on the horizon yet. And yet, for those who find these figures depressing, the seventh episode at one time similarly suffered from a sharp drop in audience interest, although in its arsenal there was a trump card in the form of returning to the screens after a ten-year separation. Despite all this, The Force Awakens earned RUB 1.8 billion in our country, so the spin-off has every chance to repeat the fate of its predecessor.

The fourth and fifth lines are divided between the drama " Ghostly Beauty " and the cartoon " Moana ", respectively. And if the film David Frankel with a whole scattering of stars of the first magnitude and the absence of other advantages demonstrated enviable stability, having collected an additional 37, 5 million rubles. ( 160 million rubles.overall), then a real fight broke out for the fifth place. For a month being in the leaders of the box office, "Moana " has managed to make good money and lose its former demand. In USA, the next animated musical from Disney was generally the sixth. But suddenly he was supported by the residents of the CIS, not allowing the second national New Year's comedy - “Santa Claus. Battle of the Magicians.


The spectators were not embarrassed by the luscious landscapes of the Pacific islands, which were contrary to reality, and the completely New Year's atmosphere of the picture. Beautiful graphics, colorful characters and unobtrusive songs were appreciated - another 29 million rubles were taken across the ocean by a brave navigator and her friend, a demigod Maui . All in all, this charming company has 785 million rubles from our grateful viewers.

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