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DiCaprio is ready to save the planet

Image After a long-awaited triumph at the 88th Academy Awards , Leonardo DiCaprio took a hiatus from his acting career. Luckily for the fans, Leo is not going to leave the world of big cinema and continues to replenish the piggy bank of his ambitious production projects. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , DiCaprio plans to support Paramount Studios in the production of a film based on the animated series Captain Planet Rescue Team"( Captain Planet and the Planeteers ).

The playable version of the popular 90s animated series will allow Leonardo to draw the public's attention to environmental issues. The protagonists of the original show were five teenagers from different parts of the world, who received magic rings from the goddess Gaia , concerned about the state of the earth's ecology. With the help of powerful artifacts, young environmentalists were able to control the main elements and summon the superhero nicknamed Captain Planet to help.

DiCaprio has been successfully engaged in environmental protection for a long time. A few years ago, he was even entrusted with the position of UN envoy for climate change.


The first attempt to bring the characters of the animated series to the big screens was made in 1996, but work on the film was suspended due to the merger of the Turner Broadcasting conglomerate with the Time Warner corporation. Over the past twenty years, the television network Cartoon Network and the studio Sony have been developing their plans for an animation franchise, and now they decided to compete for the rights to the game version of "Captain " film company Paramount .

If the deal is closed successfully, DiCaprio will have to share production with Jennifer Davisson ("The Survivor"). Jono Matt (Sons of Anarch / Sons of Anarch y) and actor Glen Powell (The Expendables 3) have been invited to take the post of scriptwriters for the tape tentatively titled "Captain Planet".


According to rumors, the leadership of Paramount wants to create a kind of sequel to the original animated series, in which viewers will meet the title character a few years after he hung his superhero costume on a nail.

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