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LF's Best Posters of 2017

Image In 2017, irrevocably gone, warlike space gladiators, mysterious amphibians, and a whole flock of ghosts managed to stay on big screens. We had to say goodbye to old Wolverine, let Iron Man teach a couple of lessons to a friendly neighbor, join the battle with a real living planet and visit Jennifer Lawrence.

We invite you to recall the most epic, funny and scary movie adventures of the past year, flipping through the selection of the best posters according to LostFilm.INFO.

15. "Split" M. Night Shyamalan


Nothing diversifies the plot like the protagonist's dissociative personality disorder. The director is said to have caught James McAvoy drinking in a pub after the actor had to donate his hair to Professor Xavier. It was then that Shyamalan saw the multifaceted Kevin in the "drunken skinhead".

14. "John Wick II" by Chad Stahelski


Who, if not Keanu Reeves, looks so brutal under the crosshairs of a dozen guns? John Wick is forced to postpone his rosy retirement plans and go straight out of retirement into the hands of one of the most dangerous killers in the world. It is unlikely that these villains on the poster forgot to load their war toys.

13. "Baby Drive" by Edgar Wright


Instead of a bullet, a car takes off from a pistol. Only speed and drive are ahead. Dreaming of adrenaline-fueled chases and gunfights? Then the profession of a driver helping bandits to escape from a crime scene is created for you.

12. "Blade Runner 2049" by Denis Villeneuve


Sequels are a delicate matter, it's not for nothing that you can count on one hand, if not at all, good sequels to cult films. It's a pity that little depends on high-quality posters. But you just want to quickly open the door of this car and settle in a cozy salon, sheltered from the fog and dystopia.

11. "Roman Israel, Esq." Dan Gilroy


Glasses, headphones and lush hair. Behind this poster hides a story about what the protagonist will have to give up, standing at the head of a law firm and faced with secrets that contradict his morality.

10. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" by Jonathan Watts


Things are done, and the spider is resting. It's not around the clock to save the world, sometimes you can take a nap against the background of your native New York, while Stark does not see.

9. “Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 "James Gunn


What can happen if you collect a charismatic earthling, a tough fighter, the adopted daughter of a titan, a techy raccoon and a talking tree? A magnificent team on guard of the whole Galaxy, which, to the accompaniment of gorgeous soundtracks, cuts in a spaceship, heroically saving the planets and their inhabitants. All that remains for a good movie comic strip is to create a simple yet original folded audio cassette poster and bring Baby Groot to the fore.

8. "mom!" Darren Aronofsky


Gloomy, eerie, but intriguing - the whole essence of the film is on one poster.

7. "The Shape of Water" by Guillermo del Toro


Love is evil, you will love an amphibian man too. Guillermo del Toro will then make a film about it, and someone will draw the most gentle poster in the world for him.

6. "A Ghost Story" by David Lowry


A man lives in his house and dreams, loves, makes plans for the future. And then not only tragically dies, but also cannot leave this world. The poster depicts a lonely ghost, doomed to exist outside of time.

5. "The Dark Tower" by Nikolai Arsel


The adaptation of the novel by The King of Horrors may not have been successful, but it takes a lot to walk through the doorway on the poster.

4. "Logan" by James Mangold


Tearful farewell to mutant Hugh Jackman and meeting with the new weapon X. Goodbye Mr. Wolverine, you are still in our hearts.

3. "Thor: Ragnarok" by Taiki Waititi


The green gladiator, the god of thunder and lightning, who suddenly kissed Loki and his sister Thor out of control. The poster reflects the general atmosphere of the film's advertising campaign: the audience is demanding the Hulk and the spectacles!

2. "Thelma" by Joachim Trier


Concise and inspirational poster. A bird named Thelma spent all her life in the cage of her hyper-caring parents, and then flew out into the wild and faced the sea of surging feelings. Now she has to see the world clearly, and the wind of change is already breaking through the window.

1. "Emptiness" by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostansky


Among the posters of this Canadian horror film, you can find a whole bunch of high-quality art, although everything in the picture itself is according to the canon: a dark night, a hospital, strange people ...

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