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Apple and Amazon will compete for the right to James Bond

Image The battle for the James Bond franchise took an unexpected turn. Recall that the rights of Sony to the series ended in 2015, after the release of the movie "007: SPECTRUM", and the main contender for them is now the studio Warner Bros . However, unexpectedly for everyone, new rivals appeared in the arena in the form of media giants Apple and Amazon . For the right to rent the picture, companies are willing to pay as much as WB , and even more, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Note that the cost of a film series fluctuates between two and five billion dollars. At the same time, the search for a distributor has been going on for more than two years, and such corporations as Sony , Universal and Fox are participating in the race. It is also reported
The appearance of Apple has made WB nervous, and now one of the largest film and television companies in the United States is forced to persuade MGM to close the deal as soon as possible. The fact that such giants are fighting for the franchise shows that the future of the entire franchise is at stake. Apple is committed to acquiring all the rights to fully exploit the untapped potential of Bond.“In a world dominated by Lucasfilm and Marvel , Bond feels unfulfilled, experts say. The source also writes that Chinese companies can join the fight for an agent with a license to kill, adding a couple of billion more to the auction.


Few pictures and heroes of pop culture can boast of the success achieved by agent 007. Nevertheless, experts believe that "Bondiana" in vain bypasses the marketing opportunities prevalent in the 21st century. With such popularity, copyright holders could well distribute official products based on the cycle, as well as shoot a spin-off, a TV series, or even create an entire universe, as is customary in the modern film industry.

It is currently known that Daniel Craig will return to the role of Bond in the 25th film, which is scheduled to release worldwide on November 8, 2019. But the director of the film has not yet been chosen: the candidatures of Jan Demange and Denis Villeneuve are being considered for this post. The latest tape in the series, SPECTRUM , earned $ 881 million worldwide, second only to Skyfall, which grossed $ 1.1 billion.


Even if Apple and Amazon are left empty-handed, they've made a lot of buzz in this business. Plus, Amazon has already made a name for itself in the film industry with a deal to rent Woody Allen's Wheel of Wonders. The company also co-financed the film adaptation of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt with Warner Bros. .

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Author: Jake Pinkman