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”Dark Crystal” will receive a prequel

Image Netflix continues to experiment with genres - now the streaming service will enter the world of Jim Henson's dolls. As the site Collider reports, a ten-episode prequel to the film " Dark Crystal " is in the works.

In 1982, Henson's film became a landmark event in the world of cinema for a number of reasons, one of which was the use of animatronics, which was something fundamentally new for that time. The film was about a fantasy world where chaos reigned after the magical Dark Crystal was destroyed.

It is reported that the action of the series, dubbed The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance , will unfold several years before the events of the original tape.In the story, three representatives of the Gelfling race, having learned the terrible secret of the evil Skexis, set off on a journey to ignite a rebellion and save their world.

The show will include not only fantastic creatures invented by Henson , but also new characters, which are being worked out by Brian Frode, the artist of "Dark Crystal" . Louis Leterrier ("The Illusion of Deception") has been selected as the executive producer of the project.


According to Netflix VP Cindy Holland, the prequel will combine Henson's advanced puppetry , Louis Leterrier's unique vision and a powerful storyline combined with an impressive visual effects.

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Author: Jake Pinkman