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Ridley Scott's company to talk about corruption at DEA

Image Two years ago, Australian director Julius Avery made his big-screen debut with Young Blood about the life of one of the most dangerous criminals in the history of the green continent. The next project of the young director will again be a crime drama, but this time its action will unfold in the USA.

As reported by The Tracking Board , Avery will lead the production of The King of Los Angeles . The script was written by Chris Bremner, whose name is not yet well known in Hollywood. To date, his filmography includes only the comedy "The Best Man for Rent", during the creation of which he acted as a producer. Chris has tried his hand at screenwriting only recently, but has already managed to compose for Lakeshore Entertainment the plot of the Blackfriars film about a bloody gangster showdown in the Boston bar of the same name.

The script for " King of Los Angeles " caught the attention of Ridley Scott, who rushed to acquire the rights to it through his company Scott Free . In the center of the plot of the film will be Darnell Garcia , who managed to visit an actor, karateka, agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration and one of the most wanted criminals in America.


Garcia became interested in oriental martial arts in his student years. For several years he served as an instructor at the Chuck Norris School of Martial Arts, and even won the International Karate Championship in the early 70s. Playing sports helped Darnell get a role in the famous movie "The Dragon Comes Out", but he suddenly chose to work in the police over a career in Hollywood.

Darnell climbed the career ladder of the Los Angeles Police Department so quickly that he was soon invited to join the ranks of the DEA . He would later call leaving the police his biggest mistake in his life. In UBN he could not resist the temptation to break the law and began to carry out dark deeds right under the nose of his superiors. Once, together with other corrupt agents, he stole 150 kg of drugs from the storage of material evidence, and then began to send them to New York drug dealers with courier parcels.


After a while, Garcia finally got interested in the Internal Investigation Department. For almost a year he successfully hid in Europe, but in the end he was nevertheless extradited to his homeland. Darnell was sentenced to 80 years in prison, but spent only 21 years behind bars thanks to the right to parole.

Sources close to the Scott Free leadership claim that the crime drama script is a cross between such famous films as Catch Me If You Can and Scarface.

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Author: Jake Pinkman