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King of Rock 'n' Roll Receives TV Biopic

Image Eminent Hollywood producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein will take viewers into the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Studio The Weinstein Company is starting work on an as-yet-untitled mini-series about the life of the singer and actor Elvis Presley , Deadline reports.

The plot of the biopic will be based on the book " Elvis" by famous music critic Dave Marsh. The brothers Weinstein also managed to conclude a unique deal with the heirs of the icon of the world of music, under which the filmmakers will have access to personal diaries of Presley , the right to use his songs and the opportunity to shoot on the famous estate Graceland .

It is expected that the mini-series script application will be submitted to the heads of American cable and terrestrial channels in the coming days. For the project, a serious struggle will surely flare up, since Bob and Harvey intend to attract the stars of the first magnitude to create a musical drama. The biopic production team will include Jerry Schilling (Elvis & Nixon), David Glasser (Nothing But The Truth) and Elvis Widow Priscilla Presley.


Films from The Weinstein Company compete almost every year for the Oscars , and more recently the studio has also become a successful player in the TV content market. Over the past couple of years, the company of Weinstein brothers has brought the British hits Peaky Blinders ( Peaky Blinders ) and "War & Peace" ( War & Peace ), and the historical drama "Marco Polo" ( Marco Polo ) helped her try her hand at making serials.


Currently, TWC has a number of multi-part dramas in development, including the adaptation of Mario Puzo's gangster saga Omerta, in which Sylvester Stallone signed the title role.

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