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Hemsworth and Shannon will become brothers in arms

Image Now Thor and General Zod will fight as one team: according to the portal Deadline , Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon signed up for the filming of Horse Soldiers ( Cavalry *).

The film will tell the story of a unit of special forces soldiers who, a few weeks after the September 11 tragedy, were tasked to go to Afghanistan, where they were to join forces with the military of the Northern Alliance and fight off the Taliban.< / i>

The tape will be based on the book by Doug Stanton “Cavalrymen. The extraordinary story of a group of American soldiers who rode on horseback to victory in Afghanistan " , adapted by Peter Craig (" City of Thieves ") and Ted Tolly (" Silence of the Lambs "). Filming will be led by Danish filmmaker and photojournalist Nikolai Fjulsi, who previously worked in advertising. The project has been in development for many years, and journalists have managed to compare it with such films as "The Survivor" and "Deep Sea Horizon".


At the moment, the most successful films of Chris Hemsworth are blockbusters based on the comics of Marvel , and the actor is currently busy filming the triquel "Thor". As for Michael Shannon , he just recently replaced Jake Gyllenhaal in the War of the Currents and continues to star in Guillermo del Toro's secret project The Shape of Water. In a couple of months, the actor can be seen in the thrillers Fleeing from Reality and Under the Cover of Night.

* -preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman