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Tights Guy and Cranston's Raccoon: Watch This Week

Image Summer continues, and with it the blockbuster season continues. June successfully passes the baton to July, and in the first week he is going to entangle the audience with the most real networks. As strange as it may sound, yet another Peter Parker will appear in the movie. We will also see a film about corporate culture, directorial work by James Franco and much more.

Spider-Man: Homecoming marks the third relaunch of the series of films about a superhero in red and blue tights. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were dismissed, and the young and daring Tom Holland took over. To support the young talent with valuable "commanding skills" undertook Robert "for ten years-as-in-the-image-Stark" Downey Jr. and Michael "Batman-Birdman" Keaton.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Second Duplicate Trailer

For a long time, the rights to Spider-Man belonged to Sony , this explains the absence of the hero at any parties of the "Avengers", which were held (filmed) in Marvel . But, as we know, during the development of the film "Captain America: Civil War" the parties managed to agree. It was not in vain: the first overseas viewers who got acquainted with the new tape were satisfied.

Duplicate trailer

If anyone loves to mock their characters, it is Greg McLean. He already sent them into the crocodile's jaws, and pushed them against the maniac, and experienced something otherworldly. In the feed "Experiment" Office " , the heroes will be tested for endurance ... the heroes themselves. There are 80 employees in the locked building, and a voice over the internal radio tells them to kill the most annoying colleagues first. We have already seen something similar in Steep Trunks. There is no Christopher Lambert, but there is the charismatic John "Dr. Cox" McGinley with an insane look. The actor does not often appear in the first roles in a full-length movie, so the release of this tape is a great opportunity to appreciate the full scope of his talent on the big screen.

Dubbed trailer

People are so arranged that they just need to blame someone for their failures. So the main character of the picture "The raccoon is to blame for everything" decides on a kind of experiment. He becomes interested in how his family will live if he suddenly disappears. And a grown man is hiding in the attic of his own house. Of course, he does not say a word to relatives about his idea. Brian Cranston starring - a priori good. At least because he simply does not know how to play half-heartedly. Moreover, after the epoch-making role of Mr. White , the actor chooses projects very carefully. And for this alone, you can go to the cinema. And also for the sake of the plot, which, with a good presentation, can turn into an acutely social statement. The only question is how far the creators are willing to go.

Dubbed trailer

James Franco is jokingly called the busiest man in Hollywood. However, this joke, as they say, is based on real events. From year to year, he takes on an unrealistic number of projects, and in different guises. The new tape is an excellent proof of its "multi-line" quality. At The Rosewood Institute Franco acts as a director, producer and starring actor. But not only this is curious the film: overseas, he received many opposite reviews. Some blow him to pieces, others, on the contrary, praise him. You have to watch in person to reach your own verdict.

Also, next week, the distribution of two domestic films will begin - the artistic Shadows with Mikhail Porechenkov and the animation The Tale of Peter and Fevronia . The first is about where an obsession backed by money and connections can lead. The second tells a story based on USA folk tales.

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