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Beats - means love. Trailer for the film ”She” by Paul Verhoeven

Image The director of that exemplary RoboCop, the legendary Basic Instinct and the now classic Starship Troopers, Paul Verhoeven triumphantly returned to the cinema after a long break. The result of this comeback, the frank and bold thriller She , exploiting the themes of violence, passions and hidden desires, was shown at the Cannes Film Festival and was greeted there with a bang. The audience attending the show was not even embarrassed by some immorality of the picture, which, as the plot developed, became not what it might seem at the beginning.

Based on the novel by Philippe Gian, the film follows the strong and confident woman Michelle (Isabelle Huppert), who heads a large video game development company, lives in a large house (though divorced) and does not deny himself anything. Once an intruder in black bursts into a wealthy Parisian woman and rapes her. When he leaves, Michelle for some reason does not report to the police. Perhaps because her father, a serial killer, is in prison, and her daughter does not want to attract the attention of the whole country again. Or the reason is that an unpleasant incident awakens in her painful childhood memories, heals old wounds, and even arouses hitherto unknown desires. One way or another, but from that moment on, the suspiciously calm Michelle starts looking for the rapist herself. But is it for

This is not the first time Paul Verhoeven has immersed his fans in the exploration of the world of sexual fantasies. But " She " with all the paranoid and tension is also endowed with a very cynical black humor. According to the first viewers, the most valuable thing about the film is that, contrary to expectations, it becomes a comedy psychological thriller, and not at all a drama about an unfortunate victim of violence. Although many cinephiles may be embarrassed by such an attitude to the problem and, in general, the scandalous nature of the topic itself.

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Be that as it may, the film is worth appreciating if only for the splendid Isabelle Huppert , which is equally good in the shocking "The Pianist" by Michael Haneke and in the caustic "8 Women" by Francois Ozon. In addition, the director himself admitted that none of the American actresses he knew of the level and age of Huppert would agree to play in such an ambiguous project. To evaluate the work of Isabelle and understand what so delighted the critics in the next experiment Verhoeven and whether the Cannes jury bypassed it, the USA audience will be able to September 22 ...

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