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BAFTA Awards Prepare for Change

Image The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has released the date for the 70th BAFTA Awards and has also made several changes to the nominating and voting rules. The main changes affected cartoons, independent films and online service projects.

In previous years, only three cartoons could compete for the title of Best Animated Film at the awards ceremony of the British analogue " Oscars ". According to Deadline , the BAFTA committee expects to increase the number of nominees in this category to five. This will happen if in the coming months he receives a sufficient number of applications from creators of full-length cartoons.

British academics also quickly reacted to the trends of the times, deciding to give online services projects a chance to compete for their award. Previously, only those films that were released in the theater could apply for the prestigious film awards. From now on, the BAFTA committee will have the right to include into the list of nominees even those films that will not make it to the big screens. Thanks to this decision, streaming service films and low-budget independent films, the creators of which will not be able to find distributors, will have a chance to win a valuable statuette.


The list of applicants for the BAFTA award will be announced on January 10 and will be presented on February 12 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman