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The Blair Witch Could Come To Life On TV

Image In 1999, the movie "The Blair Witch: Coursework from the Other World" hit the big screens - one of the first projects shot in the style of mocumentari. It was about three students working on a documentary on the legend of the Blair Witch. The picture was positioned as based on real events, and therefore it is not surprising that amateur cinema with a scanty budget of $ 60 thousand eventually earned almost $ 250 million in the world box office.

Nor is it surprising that The Blair Witch, directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, spawned a sequel in 2000. However, the second part could not repeat the success of the first part, having collected only $ 48 million with a budget of $ 15 million. Blair.

It is not hard to guess that in the case when the film series has lost its former popularity on the big screens, it has only one road - to television. The same fate could befall the Blair Witch, as in the recent Diminishing Returns podcast, one of the film's directors, Eduardo Sanchez, admitted that he is considering the idea of creating a series.


"Blair Witch Anthology" always struck me as an interesting idea. This is one of those things that suggests the perfect TV show. Let's see what happens next, but, in my opinion, the next stage in the development of the Blair Witch - TV ", - said Sanchez.

The director did not disclose other details of the series (place and time of action, format). The project is in the early stages of development, and the rights to the franchise, according to Sanchez, are owned by the studio Lionsgate, which may interfere with the implementation of the idea.

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Author: Jake Pinkman