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Casting: Lady Gaga to Cooper, Esposito to the monster

Image The popular singer Lady Gaga , accustomed to shock the audience, has been a fairly frequent guest in both film and television over the past few years, and for her role in American Horror Story) the pop singer was awarded the Golden Globe .

According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , Lady Gaga has found a new project for herself - it will be a remake of the 1937 film " A Star is Born ", where the singer will perform the main role and will be the company of Bradley Cooper. The latter also plans to lead the filming of the film.

The film will focus on a promising young actress who finds support from a film actor whose career has gone downhill due to age and alcohol addiction.

Hollywood has already seen two remakes of the original, one released in 1954 and the other in 1976. The studio Warner Bros. has been working on the current project for several years, and earlier the main role in the film was going to be given to Beyonce Knowles.


Immediately, a double replenishment occurred in the cast of the new " Spider-Man " - he was joined by Logan Marshall-Green ("Prometheus") and Martin Starr ("A little pregnant"). Director Jonathan Watts plans to start filming a blockbuster starring Tom Holland in the near future. The central villain of the film will be played by Michael Keaton, and Marshall Green , according to the source, will embody the image of a minor antagonist who will cause a lot of problems for Peter Parker . There is no information about the character of Martin Starr yet.


Giancarlo Esposito ( Breaking Bad ) is finalizing negotiations for a role in the science fiction film Okja . Previously, Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano signed up to take part in the filming of the project. At the center of the action is the girl Mia , risking everything to prevent the kidnapping of her best friend - a huge monster producing Okja , which is interested in a multinational corporation.

Tilda Swinton plays the head of that very company, and Esposito claims to be the heroine's irreplaceable assistant. The director of the film was chosen by Bon Chun-ho ("Through the Snow").

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