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Jaden Smith befriends skaters

Image Until a few years ago, it seemed that Jaden Smith might have a great future in Hollywood. The heir to the famous acting dynasty won several prizes for his roles in The Pursuit of Happiness, The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Karate Kid, but in 2013 the teenager's fragile psyche was dealt a tangible blow when the press left no stone on stone from M. Night Shyamalan's post-apocalyptic blockbuster "After our era." After critics awarded Jaden with two Golden Raspberry statuettes, the young actor decided to take a break from the world of big cinema.

Since that time M. Night Shyamalan managed to successfully revive his career with the help of the world of television. One of the main Hollywood hoaxers earned a lot of flattering reviews for his work on the series "Wayward Pines", after which he was entrusted with shooting the thrillers "Visit" and "Split", which managed to become real hits in the box office. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Smith intends to follow the path of Shyamalan . For the last couple of years, Jaden has worked in TV, and now he is finally ripe for a return to the movie screens. As it became known, the actor will take part in the creation of the debut feature film of the documentary filmmaker Crystal Mosill .


Mosill made a big splash two years ago when her film "Wolf Pack" was recognized as the best documentary film at the famous " Sundance " Film Festival. Last year, Krystal decided to make a short film about the New York skateboarding team Skate Kitchen . While working on the That One Day project, she came up with the idea of creating a feature film about representatives of one of the most popular extreme sports.

The main character of the so far untitled film Mosill will be a teenage girl named Camilla , whose life will turn upside down after meeting a group of talented skateboarders. The details of Smith's role are kept secret for now. But the creators of the sports drama did not make a secret of the fact that the on-screen partners of Jaden will be actress Elizabeth Rodriguez ("Fear the Walking Dead", "Logan") and skaters from Skate Kitchen .


Financial support for the project will be provided by Bow and Arrow Entertainment , RT Features and Pulse Films .

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