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The Signal director will plan a mystical ritual

Image In the spring we reported that Andy Serkis's production company The Imaginarium has acquired the rights to film the book The Ritual . As the site The Tracking Board managed to find out exclusively, the project has a director and scriptwriter - David Bruckner .

Previously, Joe Barton ("Humans" / Humans ) planned to adapt the novel by Adam Neville, but now Bruckner will continue his work. It also became known that the main roles in the future film will be performed by Rafe Spall ("Prometheus"), Rob James-Collier ("Mercenaries") and Sam Troughton ("Alien vs. Predator").

At the center of the original are four buddies on a hike through the Scandinavian forests. However, they are no longer young and have few common interests, which immediately affects the atmosphere in the group. Tired and irritated travelers decide to take a shortcut, after which their outing turns into a sheer nightmare. Men stumble upon an abandoned cottage, where a terrible find awaits them - scattered ancient artifacts and bones left after some rituals. Soon the heroes realize that someone is watching them, and this something will not allow them to get out of the forest alive ...


David Bruckner has already tried himself in the horror genre more than once - his debut work was the horror film "Signal", and after the filmmaker directed the filming of one of the segments of the anthology "Z / L / O" and the fantasy thriller "Path to the South ". In the future plans of Bruckner , who in December gave up the director's chair for the new "Friday the 13th", is the picture Deprivation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman