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Mega Man Fighting

Image In the fall of 2015, 20th Century Fox studio announced its desire to bring the heroes of the Mega Man game franchise to the big screen. For almost two years not a word was heard about the project, but now some progress has finally appeared in the work on it. As it became known to the edition Variety , the leadership of the major offered to head the film crew of the film Henry Just and Ariel Schulman .

Young directors have already made a name for themselves in Hollywood. In their track record, you can find two parts of the "Paranormal", the thriller "Nerve" and the horror "Virus". If the negotiations of Just and Shulman with the studio Fox succeed, they will not only have to deal with the production of " Megamen ", but and take part in the work on its script.

The first video game about the adventures of the robot Megamen went on sale in 1987. Over the years, the game series has received many sequels and spin-offs, which have sold 30 million copies.


Fox will be supported by Chernin Entertainment in the work on Megamen , and the film will be co-produced by the star of Heroes and Hawaii Police " Masi Oka .

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Author: Jake Pinkman