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Casting: Rogues and Super Hero Boy

Image Even before the film "Assassin's Creed" was released, director Justin Kurzel was working on a film about the infamous Kelly gang. The Variety portal managed to find out that the project is closer than ever to implementation, and Kurzel has already chosen the actors for the key roles.

For example, Russell Crowe (Gladiator), Nicholas Hoult (Equals) and George McKay (11.22.63) have signed on to shoot The True History of the Kelly Gang *. The latter will just play Ned Kelly, an Australian robber who became famous for bank robberies. Kurzel's project aims to tell Kelly's story from a new perspective. In the eyes of the law, Ned and his gang were criminals and murderers, but for many Australians they became heroes who fought against the colonial authorities.

The film also includes Travis Fimmel, Essie Davis and Dacre Montgomery.


Kurzel will be filming a script by Sean Grant ("Berlin Syndrome"), and the film will be shot in Australia in March. By then, Russell Crowe will have completed work on Boy Erased, and Nicholas Hoult on Tolkien's biopic.

Blockbuster "Shazam" is gradually taking shape. Earlier it became known that negotiations on getting the role of the villain in the film are being conducted by Mark Strong, and Zachary Levy will play Shazam himself. Now sources are reporting another addition to the cast.


Recall that "Shazam" tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named Billy Batson, who suddenly gains the ability to turn into an adult superhero by uttering a magic word. And if Levy tries on Shazam's costume, Asher Angel will play Billy. The young actor is not yet familiar to the general public, but he has work on a TV show for the Disney channel behind him.

The director's chair for the project will be taken by David F. Sandberg ("The Lights Going Out ..."), who plans to start filming early next year.


Rupert Everett ("The Importance of Being Earnest") and Derek Jacoby ("The King's Speech!") Joined the cast of the historical drama Swords and Sceptres, which focuses on the revolt against the East India Company. She heads the work on the project Swati Bise ("The Man Who Knew Infinity"), who also had a hand in the script of the picture. Its main heroine will be Rani Lakshmi Bai (Devika Bise), who led her army against the British during the Sipai Uprising of 1857. Everett got the role of Lord Hugh Rose, who was sent to India after the start of the rebellion, and Jacoby will try on the image of Lord Palmerston - Prime Minister of Great Britain.

* - preliminary translation.

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