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Image Today's viewers are fortunate enough to live in the Golden Age of television. A couple of decades ago, many actors considered roles in TV shows as a springboard into the world of big cinema, and today even the brightest Hollywood stars dream of participating in serial dramas.

In recent years, TV series have witnessed a massive migration of filmmakers to TV. As the representatives of the publication Deadline found out, the world of television is ready to accept the next movie star of the first magnitude. Hollywood's highest-grossing actor, Samuel L. Jackson , has signed on to star in the action-packed thriller " The Old Man " * ( The Old Man ). >
The plot of the series will be based on the novel of the same name by the winner of the prestigious " Edgar " award Thomas Perry . The book tells the story of the adventures of Dan Chase , who at first glance seems like a completely ordinary retirement from Vermont. None of his acquaintances even realizes that 35 years ago he took part in a secret military operation in Libya. Soon, Chase has to remember the sins of the past and face his old enemies ...


The pilot episode " The Old Man " was written by the creator of the series "Jericho", "Live Target" and "Black Sails" Jonathan E. Steinberg , and is ready to take on the production functions Warren Littlefield , whose track record includes the crime anthology "Fargo" and the dystopia "The Handmaid's Tale". According to insiders, the project has already attracted great interest from the heads of several of America's leading broadcast and cable channels.

Samuel L. Jackson has a background in television, but has never starred in a series before. The Oscar nominee last visited the small screens in 2014 when he appeared as Nick Fury in the finale of the first season of Agents of SHIELD. . ".


* - preliminary translation.

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