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Van Gogh, Poirot and the fires: watch this week

Image The new film week promises to be interesting and varied. There is a good film with Johnny Depp (which in itself deserves attention), a surreal excursion into the life of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, a patriotic tape about a fire brigade, two light French comedies, two not-so-bad USA films, two boring thrillers and a low-budget drama from Sundance.

According to the LostFilm.INFO editorial staff, this week two films deserve the prestigious title of "the main hit of the box office": "The Case of the Brave" by Joseph Kosinski and "Van Gogh. Love, Vincent, ”featuring Douglas Booth, Saoirse Ronan and Aidan Turner.

The expected leader of the rental is the detective "Murder on the Orient Express". Like all the work of Kenneth Branagh, he is not something really outstanding, but he does not cast a shadow on the glorious name of Agatha Christie.

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However, let's start with the good: unexpectedly, a new film by director "Throne" and "Oblivion" by Joseph Kosinski, "The Case of the Brave", burst into the USA distribution. Kosinski, apparently, is a creative person in an eternal search. Only this can explain such an unexpected transfer from the world of science fiction to a drama about the brave feat of a fire brigade. Nobody gets into a parallel universe. And he doesn't even become a participant in a video game. Case of the Brave is the story of 19 firefighters from Arizona who faced one of the deadliest fires in US history. The film is based on real events that took place in June 2013. Fire, water and impenetrable heroism are the three whales on which Kosinski's new brainchild is based. He managed to make a truly epic movie in the best traditions of Michael Bay, if Bay's films really made sense.


The world's first cartoon completely painted with oil paints “Van Gogh. With love, Vincent "will conquer not only the connoisseurs of the Dutch artist's work. The scale of the project is truly amazing. To work on the creation of a drama about the life of Van Gogh, more than 60 thousand paintings were ordered, over which 115 artists from all over the world pored. In addition, 94 canvases created by Van Gogh himself were specially selected for the film. Polish director Dorota Kobela, being a big fan of the USA animator Yuri Norstein, first shot a short film and only ten years later turned it into a full-length film. The action takes place a year after the mysterious death of the artist, in which the postman and his son are trying to figure it out. Both once posed for Van Gogh, both understand that such an outstanding person in every sense simply could not take and lay hands on himself. Instead of the usual biopic about a great artist, we got a real film-experiment, a reflection on the life and death of Van Gogh, passed through the prism of his work.

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The new film adaptation of Agatha Christie's imperishable work Murder on the Orient Express is replete with the names of famous actors: Willem Dafoe, Penelope Cruz, Judy Dench, Josh Gad, Johnny Depp. And at the director's helm is Kenneth Branagh, famous for his acting performances rather than directorial work. Should we expect something outstanding from the person who shot Cinderella, which was impossible to spoil anyway? Murder on the Orient Express tells the story of 13 train passengers, each suspected of a brutal murder. Fortunately for them, a cunning detective is in the carriage, capable of solving a crime before the killer struck another blow. This picture has everything that is needed for an unpretentious viewer: beautiful shots, good actors, exciting special effects. And even Hercule Poirot's mustache. Only the detective is missing. Brana has a lot of humor and is completely focused on the relationship of the main characters (of which there are a huge number), and who killed there and why, very few people care at all. Murder on the Orient Express certainly won't be the best adaptation of the original, but it's not a downright bad movie either.

ImageFrench comedies "The Dr. Nock Affair" and "Marry Me Dude "Came to replace the far from ingenious, but at least original" Gangsterdam "and" Veil It ". The first film is set in the 50s. A fraudster named Nok has found an ingenious way of earning money: pretending to be a licensed doctor, he treats people for fictitious diseases. And everything would be fine, but bad luck - he fell in love. And then an old friend appeared in the city, ready to tell the girl the whole truth about the past adventures of the protagonist ... "The Doctor Nock Affair" is a very daring adaptation of the play of the same name by Jules Romain. The French press scolds the director for superficiality, and the script for a discordant plot, however, Omar Sy's sincere and talented acting becomes a timid ray of light.

Another comedy, Marry Me, Dude, is about a foreign student who failed his exams at a university in Paris. A sham marriage became his only opportunity to stay in Europe. But finding a bride in France is not so easy. Then his friend comes to the aid of the would-be student. Director Talek Budali boldly mixes romantic cliches with stereotypes about heterosexuals. The result is sometimes funny, sometimes stupid, sometimes homophobic comedy, which you forget about five minutes after watching it.

ImageThis week's horror category features the low-budget film Heretics, filmed at knee somewhere in the Canadian forest. The plot revolves around a girl who is kidnapped by a cult to sacrifice her during a full moon. The next morning, the girl wakes up alone - alive and well - surrounded by corpses.

Another low-budget film "Dark Night" deserves much more attention. Director Tim Sutton was inspired by the tragedy of The Dark Knight, when a shooter disguised as the Joker killed 12 and injured 70 people. "Dark Night" received warm but restrained reviews from film critics at Sundance, not becoming a festival hit, but making a name for itself.

Especially for lovers of USA cinema, the films "Rock" by Ivan Shakhnazarov, which did not receive anything on "Kinotavr" (even rave reviews), and "Tetragrammaton" by Klim Kozinsky, an absurd film comic strip about superhero philosophers who walk around with pistols and desperately try to talk to God.

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The psychological drama "Dinner" with Rebecca Hall and Richard Gere was very coldly received at the last Berlin Film Festival. This is a story about an evening in a restaurant, when two families came together in a life-and-death battle. In the end, obviously, nothing good came of it, but with one eye, with a strong desire, you can look. The cartoon "Little Vampire" from the creator of "American Werewolf in Paris" and "Vampire Boy" is also released. Apparently, some people think that the audience is not tired of this topic yet ...

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