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Son of the Jungle took over the USAn box office

Image And again, the selective heat on the territory of USA does not leave the distributors a chance for solid revenue. Last week, we wrote that compatriot film fans have lost interest in sequels, and now it has become obvious that summer holidays are not the best time to show teenage and children's films. The total revenue of cinemas for the next weekend ( June 30 - July 3 ) amounted to only 537 million rubles. The worst result was noted only on the May Day weekend.

It is noteworthy that the main box office was divided between two family projects - the adventure thriller Tarzan, designed for teenagers. Legend "and children's fantasy" Big and kind giant ". The next version of the story about a pupil of monkeys with a noble origin and a heart of gold, although it earned 201 million rubles at the start , breaking into the leaders of the box office, could not meet the expectations of analysts. Of course, for the 180 millionth blockbuster, this amount is a drop in the ocean. However, overseas forecasts were much more disappointing, and at home the new painting by David Yates managed to at least not disappoint its creators. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that she will be able to avoid a box office failure.


The prospects of the film of a magician from the world of cinema Steven Spielberg do not look at all optimistic - his “ Big and kind giant ” is poor both in the States and in our country. Moreover, the unpopularity of the instructive and kind film in the domestic open spaces can still be explained by the low popularity here of the children's writer Roald Dahl, which is the basis of the book, but few expected such indifference from American viewers.

ImageIt's too early to judge, but so far the picture's failures give rise to disturbing thoughts of being forced write her down to the losers of the current year. " Giant " collected only 132 million rubles. , which is comparable to the results of last year's "Pen", which in its debut was able to master the amount of 131.5 million rubles. and still ended up on the list of box office failures at the end of the year. All this only confirms the idea that there are spots in the sun - the studio Disney , considered practically a monopoly in the field of high-budget family cinema, misfired. However, this is not the first time - in the same 2015, their "Earth of the Future" failed miserably.
Reviews and professional reviews are what the public is guided by when choosing a picture, unless, of course, they have time to get to it on the premiere weekend. It was the negative advertising and the disappointment of the first viewers that served the revived " Independence Day " in disservice. Interest in the film Roland Emmerich dropped dramatically, and on the second weekend the project was able to earn only 67 million rubles . Thus, for eleven days of rental, 373.7 million rubles have accumulated in his asset. The reason for the displeasure of fans of the original film is simple - no nostalgic feelings, spectacular destruction and colorful graphics can justify a weak plot combined with an almost complete a repetition of history with all its cliches straight from the 90s.


An interesting situation has developed with the owner of the fourth place in our financial standings, the cartoon of the legendary animation studio Pixar - “ Finding Dory ”. Back home, Angus McLaine and Andrew Stanton have no trouble. Not only was “ Dory ” able to maintain its lead over the holiday weekend (the US celebrated Independence Day), but it also approached the status of the highest-grossing Pixar film in the American box office.

ImageBut here its achievements are not so obvious. The rapid loss of demand from the adult and more discerning audience has resulted in the figure 45 million rubles. over the past seven days. In total, the share of the small forgetful fish accounts for 515.7 million rubles. , which fully justifies the forecasts made earlier, but also suggests that the USA swim result Dori is in search of her parents are likely to become the weakest of all the major countries in the world.

At the end of our review is a sequel quite successful on the territory of the CIS countries - the crime thriller " The Illusion of Deception 2 ". We have already predicted the film John M. Chu albeit not quite fair, but reaching the billion mark. True, it was expected that this would already happen by the time this material was written. However, 26.5 million rubles earned last week did not bring the project closer to the coveted milestone. Probably, this will happen in the very near future, because the "Horsemen" team now has 995 million rubles.

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