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Oscar-winning duo dive into virtual reality

Image Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu will join the impressive list of eminent Hollywood directors who have decided to try their hand at creating projects in the format of virtual reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the winner of four Oscars awards will direct an unnamed short film about a group of Mexican refugees trying to cross the American border.

The tape will surely amaze the owners of virtual reality helmets with a fantastic atmosphere, because it will be operated by the permanent collaborator of Inarritu - Emmanuel Lubezki. The duo of Mexican filmmakers have been winning gold medals for Best Director and Best Cinematography at the Academy Awards for two years in a row. Last year, Alejandro and Emmanuel won their prizes for the dramedy "Birdman", and this February, the western "The Survivor" helped them repeat the success.

The short film will be funded by Legendary Entertainment and Fondazione Prada , while Lucasfilm 's new division will be involved in converting the footage into virtual reality. b>ILMxLAB .


The virtual reality genre continues to gain popularity in Hollywood. Last year, Ridley Scott took part in the creation of several VR projects based on his blockbuster The Martian, and this summer Steven Spielberg began overseeing the work of VRC , which expects to significantly increase the volume of content production in the very near future with 360-degree view.

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Author: Jake Pinkman