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Nessie goes hunting

Image Fans of monster movies are incredibly lucky. Not only is the studio Universal preparing its own Dark Universe, in which a cursed mummy, Frankenstein , Wolfman and other famous characters will settle, and Legendary will bump heads against Godzilla and King Kong . But the filmmakers will not be limited to this either - in the foreseeable future, Loch Ness Monster will receive its own project.

The writer Steve Altain , who is the author of the novel The Loch , admitted in an interview with the portal Bloody Disgusting that his book will be filmed. Producer Belle Avery, who is working with Alten to adapt another of his, is already looking for Chinese partners for the new project.

Recall that the thriller "MEG" based on the novel Altena will provide Jason State with the opportunity to fight with a prehistoric shark next summer. Probably, the collaboration turned out to be so successful that the producers intend to continue working with Alten . According to the writer himself, Avery and her colleagues are already discussing the film adaptation with talented directors and screenwriters.

According to the plot of the book Altena , as a child, the marine biologist Zachary Wallace almost drowned in the famous Loch Ness. After an unsuccessful expedition to the Sargasso Sea, the scientist began to haunt the memories of the tragedy he had experienced. A mystery buried in the depths of Zachary 's memory may be the key to freeing his father, who is accused of murdering a business partner, as Angus Wallace denies his guilt and claims that the victim was attacked by Loch -nese monster ...


Over the years, viewers have watched many films about sharks and other bloodthirsty creatures, but Nessie often became the heroine of paintings related to the genre of family fantasy. The new thriller is capable of changing this trend, and, possibly, together with MEG , it will initiate another cinematic universe, which today have become another Hollywood trend.

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Author: Jake Pinkman