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Amazon will reveal Rockefeller secrets

Image Studio Amazon decided to invite viewers to the cruel world of the oil business. The management of the popular streaming service has acquired the rights to the script by Mark McDevitt “ Ida Tarbell ,” reports The Tracking Board . In 2015, the Irish journalist's text was included in the famous Blacklist of Hollywood's best unrealized ideas.

The main character of the film will be the writer and journalist Ida Minerva Tarbell , who became famous for her book " The History of the Standard Oil Company ". The literary work was first published as a series of articles in McClure's between 1902 and 1904.

The Tarbell investigation drew attention to the illegal activities of Standard Oil , and in 1911, John D. Rockefeller's company was accused of violating antitrust policy. Ida's materials also helped significantly change the public image of the billionaire himself. " The Standard Oil Story " showed that Rockefeller was a ruthless and greedy businessman, not the kind-hearted philanthropist he tried to appear in the eyes of his compatriots.


In 1999, New York University ranked Tarbell as the fifth largest book in the history of 20th century American journalism.

According to insiders, the filmmakers intend to find an actress of the type Sandra Bullock for the title role.

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Author: Jake Pinkman