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USAn Box Office: Jack Reacher did not break through the ice cap

Image This week's domestic box office results reflected several important trends in the film industry. Firstly, more and more often, USA-made tapes are becoming the leaders of the financial offset, while getting into the top ten highest-grossing projects of the year. Secondly, an increasing number of our directors, who previously worked only on the field of auteur cinema, are gaining the confidence of the producers, which entails solid budgets and the opportunity to show their talents in the field of large-scale blockbusters. The proof of the above can be considered the drama Nikolai KhomerikiIcebreaker ” based on real events.

Despite the restrained forecasts of analysts, the tape with Pyotr Fedorov, Sergei Puskepalis and Anna Mikhalkova in the lead roles managed to earn 129 million rubles in five days (it started on Wednesday, not Thursday, as usual). The result, comparable to the debut performance of another disaster film, Metro ( 135 million rubles. ), is regarded by distributors as very satisfactory. Targeting an older audience, the film was able to get what it owed thanks to a skillfully planned advertising campaign and overwhelmingly positive reviews. However, it is too early for its creators to rest on their laurels - after all, a project with a budget of $ 10 million should more actively work out production costs, which is what Icebreaker will have to do in the coming weeks.


There is no doubt that the Khomeriki drama will stay in the top 5 for a while. Following in the footsteps of the deafeningly successful "Crew" and the less fortunate in the box office, but tenacious "Duelist", the picture shows a positive increase in the number of viewers day by day. And yet it is significantly inferior to the creation of Nikolai Lebedev in staginess, dynamism, inventiveness of the action and overall scale. And although critics note the excellent technical performance of “ Icebreaker ”, it falls short of last year's foreign hits with a similar theme. And they compare him with "Everest", and even with "Survivor". Apparently, the latent desire of professionals to support the domestic manufacturer is influencing.

This desire is quite logical, especially when a USA product outperforms a powerful foreign rival in the rating. Only the second place in the top five has to be content with the long-standing creative duet of director Edward Zwick and actor Tom Cruise with their sequel to the crime action movie Jack Reacher.

ImageOn his first weekend on the screens of the country, a former military Reachercollected 122 million rubles , although he received more copies than " Icebreaker ". Our distributors have nothing to complain about - the continuation of the series of film adaptations of Lee Child's novels turned out to be head and shoulders above many of its competitors in the niche. So, behind him were the triquel "Hostages" ( 118.7 million rubles. ), "On the crest of a wave" ( 115 million rubles. ), "Agent 47" ( 126 million rubles. ), "Carrier: Heritage" ( 107 million rubles. ) and the resurrected "Mechanic" ( 98 million rubles. ). In addition, professionals expect that the sequel's earnings will soon exceed the final result of the original film.

The film of the versatile director Zwick achieved its success not only thanks to the participation of one of the brightest stars of the action genre, Tom Cruise , but also due to the presence of strong female characters in the plot, a well-thought-out detective base and mutual understanding between actors and other participants in the filming process. However, the problems common to all sequels, such as the director's inability to squeeze something fresh out of the plot, still make the second part more bland compared to the original. It all boils down to the fact that the tape has yet to pay off its 60 million dollar budget.

Last week's leader, the adventure thriller " Inferno ", keeps good dynamics. As we noted, the popular franchise, based on the books of Dan Brown, has moved away from the crown religious component and turned into detective investigations. Judging by the financial reports, this was good for the film series - not only is the film of Ron Howard not threatened with bans and boycotts in countries with a particularly strong church community, but also every week brings him good dividends. For example, over the past seven days, the picture has not lagged far behind the champions of this weekend and ended the second weekend with the amount of 115 million rubles .


In general, the account of " Inferno " already has 489 million rubles , which exceeds the final indicators of the revived Independence Day ( 447 million rubles ), "Star Trek: Infinity" ( 407 million rubles. ), as well as previous parts of the franchise. So, back in 2006, "The Da Vinci Code" entered the top five highest-grossing hits of the year with 303 million rubles. , and "Angels and Demons" seven years ago distinguished themselves by incomes equal to 435 million rubles . All this speaks about the increase in demand for the film series from the residents of the post-Soviet space, and about the general growth of the profits of the entire industry. However, do not forget that due to the sharp change in the exchange rate, the indicators of the first two film adaptations of Brown in dollars remain inaccessible for " Inferno "
A new fairy tale from Tim Burton , which divided film lovers into two camps, is gradually losing ground. Some see in the fantasy “ Miss Peregrine's House of Peculiar Children ” the director's return to his roots and support this decision with a ruble, others cannot find any pluses in the tape, except for the mysterious and charming Eva Green.

ImageNevertheless, the third week brought film adaptations of Ransom Riggs' novel additional 94.5 million rubles. , and in total she already has 886 million rubles . Thus, a kind, but somewhat protracted and not offering a new approach to the genre, the story is currently ranked 13th in the list of the most profitable projects of the year. She also still has chances to overcome the coveted billion dollar milestone, because the army of fans of the film maker in USA is large, and " House of Strange Children " contains everything for which we love the work of this visionary and inventor so much.

Our analytical review closes with one more memorable tale - this time made by means of animation magic. Studio Laika Entertainment is practically not inferior to the giants of modern animation, and in some ways even ahead of them: neither Disney nor Pixar have ever given us such eerie and at the same time enchanting in their gloomy beauty masterpieces like "Coraline in the Land of Nightmares" or "Corpse Bride". Here is the cartoon “ Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai "does not lag behind them, and for the first time in the director's chair, the president of the company Travis Knight demonstrates his skill in mixing Eastern legends and Western traditions, driving music and deep philosophy, colorful animation and restrained color palette. It's only a pity
And yet, on his first weekend, the young samurai Kubo with 37 million rubles. reached the level of such animation films as "The Book of Life" ( 37.8 million rubles . ) and "Shaun the Sheep" ( 34.8 million rubles ). And when compared with other films Laika , the family project Knight bypassed "Paranorman" ( 35.8 million rubles ), but could not overcome " A family of monsters "( 46.8 million rubles. ). And yet, against the backdrop of the hype around "Full Raskolbas" and "Angry Birds in the Cinema", " Kubo ", unfortunately, remains practically unnoticed, and therefore underestimated, including from a financial point of view.

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