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Quadrofenia will receive a sequel

Image In 1973, the English group The Who released their second rock opera, Quadrophenia ( Quadrophenia ), which was filmed by Frank Roddam for the big screens six years later. The film was well received by critics, and now, after 37 years, it will receive a sequel. This is reported by the information site Indiewire .

The 1979 film was about the London fashion Jimmy , who wasted time with his friends, until his life began to fly to hell ...

The sequel will be based on the book Peter Meadows To Be Someone , which tells about what happened to Jimmy after the events of the original film. The director's chair of the project will be taken by Ray Berdis (London Dogs), and Phil Daniels and singer Toya Willcox, who played Jimmy , are planning to return to their roles in the film.


The start of filming for the second part is scheduled for the summer, and the picture itself should appear in theaters next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman