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Chris Pine will handle the Black Dahlia case

Image Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine have worked well together on the set of Wonder Women, and while viewers cherish the hope that Steve Trevor will be involved in the sequel to the blockbuster, the duo are preparing to work on a new joint project.

Thanks to the official press release of TNT , it is revealed that the cable channel has ordered a miniseries titled One Day She'll Darken , inspired by the biopic of Fauna Hodel. Patty Jenkins will lead at least a pilot episode, and Pine will co-star in the drama.

The new series will tell about the life of Fauna Hodel , given up immediately after birth for adoption by an African American from Nevada. When Fauna decides to find out the truth about herself and her family, the investigation leads the girl to a confusing story from the past of her biological family. Fauna finds out that her grandfather, the famous Hollywood doctor George Hodel , was implicated in one of America's most high-profile unsolved crimes - the murder of Elizabeth Short , also known as Black Dahlia .


George Hodel was an incredibly intelligent and educated man from a good family, a successful businessman with connections. When the disfigured body of Elizabeth Short was discovered in 1947, no one could have imagined that the famous doctor could be involved in the death of the aspiring actress. However, in 1949, the 14-year-old daughter Hodela Tamar sued her father, accusing him of incest and claiming that it was he who killed Short . As a result, Hodel was acquitted, Tamar was called a pathological liar, and only many years later it turned out that the police really considered the doctor one of the main suspects in the Black Dahlia case . True, sufficient evidence of his guilt was never found. Name Hodela

It is noteworthy that the biography of Fauna was already adapted for big screens in the early 90s, but the film with Alfrey Woodard was never released. Rumor has it that George Hodel himself had a hand in this. There is no information yet about who will play Fauna in the upcoming series. However, it is known that Pine got the role of Jay Singletery - a reporter and paparazzi with a military background, who ruined his reputation with an article about Hodel many years ago, but now who saw the opportunity for his own redemption.

The date of the premiere of the project has not been determined, but its filming should begin this fall. One of the executive producers of the new show is Michael Suga ("13 Reasons Why", "OA").

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