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The Gold Booster was left out of the DC MCU

Image A month ago, we reported that the blockbuster "Shazam", announced back in October 2014, received the status of a film in the DC cinematic universe. Since the graphic novels about his title character contain a fair amount of humor, rumors have flared up on the Web that Warner Bros. will continue to follow the lead of critics and take a course to change the dark tone of their superhero films. However, today it became known that the major does not intend to include in the main film series an adaptation of comics about such a joker and joker as Michael John Carter , nicknamed Golden Accelerator .

This information was shared with the journalists Vulture by the producer Greg Berlanti , who had a hand in the creation of the popular TV series "Arrow" ( Arrow ), "Flash" ( The Flash ), Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow . “Our film currently has no connection with the MCU DC , said Greg . -His script is written by Zach Stentz, who wrote the plot of last season's episode “ The Flash ”. It is possible that I will independently stage the production of “ Golden Booster”.

There is a possibility that the bosses of the WB will leave a loophole in the film in order to transfer Michael John Carter into the main film series if his solo album is successful at the box office.


Since Berlanti and Stentz have experience of working on the small screen, the theory that the Golden Accelerator might meet with telecomic characters DC . The concept of the multiverse allows WB to find a reasonable explanation for the existence of several versions of the same superheroes, however, the studio has not previously attempted to establish a connection between its films and series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman