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The kids are not okay. Thelma Movie Trailer

Image Norwegian director Joakim Trier made his debut with his first feature film, Reprise, in 2006. The story of two writers, successful and not very successful, attracted not only the visitors of the festival in Karlovy Vary, but also the Weinstein brothers, who provided the drama with a release in the USA. In 2011, Trier presented his second work, Oslo, August 31st, to the public, which earned him many awards and the status of a promising talented filmmaker. And finally, the project Louder Than Bombs was nominated in Cannes. And recently, a dubbed trailer for the new Norwegian nugget thriller film Thelma was published on the Web. And judging by the video, we are waiting for a film that would fit into the framework of the festival, but still intriguing and unusual.

In the center of the plot is a pretty girl named Thelma, with whom a completely banal story happened: she fell in love. But the consequences of this love turned out to be somehow strange. The feelings that awakened in her youthful soul suddenly set free and frightening abilities. And when Thelma's friend suddenly disappears, the loving and frightened girl begins to understand that her new powers may be to blame for this.

The main roles in the film are played by Ellie Harboa and Kaia Wilkins, who is better known to Norwegian music lovers as singer Okay Kaia. Joakim's longtime collaborator Eskil Vogt helped write the script.

Duplicate trailer

Thelma will open in the USA box office on November 23.

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