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DC Universe Prepares for Flashpoint

Image Unexpected news came from the Comic-Con festival in San Diego. During the presentation of new films of the cinematic universe DC studio Warner Bros. presented to the public the official logos of several of their superhero blockbusters. When it was the turn of the comic strip “ Flash ”, the caption on the screen changed to “ Flashpoint ”.

As it became known to the edition Collider , the plot of the upcoming solo album Barry Allen will be based on a series of graphic novels Flashpoint , which was authored by the current curator of the MCU DC Jeff Jones . The famous 2011 comic book introduced a very dark alternate reality that was created by Flash while trying to change the past and save his mother.

Curiously, the Flashpoint storyline has already been used by the creators of the DC television universe in the past season of The Flash.


At one time, the work of Jones helped the publishing house DC Comics to arrange a large-scale reboot of the world of superhero comics, called The New 52 . It is possible that the upcoming solo album of The Flash may perform the same function, but in the MCU DC .

Yesterday, rumors appeared on the Web that Ben Affleck is eager to terminate his contract with the studio Warner Bros. The actor not only took part in the presentation of new film projects DC , but also made it clear that in the near future he does not intend to hang the cloak of the Dark Knight on a nail. “ Batman is the coolest character in all the superhero universes, said Affleck . -I am happy that this role was entrusted to me. "


Before Affleck had time to deny rumors about his departure from the superhero franchise, fans of the DC universe had a new cause for concern. It was rumored in Hollywood that Jared Leto was so disappointed with the screen time of his character in last year's Suicide Squad that he no longer wants to return to the role of Joker .

Using Flashpoint will allow the creators of the superhero franchise to painlessly replace any actor, because in an alternative reality completely different people may be hiding behind masks of heroes and villains. So, in the original comic Flashpoint Batman was not Bruce Wayne , but his father. It is possible that this storyline will be used in the upcoming solo album The Flash . This year's Comic-Con Festival was also attended by The Walking Dead stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan , who played the Dark Knight's parents in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Morgan either jokingly or seriously stated,

The Flash made his debut in the MCU DC in the movie " Batman v Superman ", and in November this year he will return to the screens in the blockbuster Justice League. The date of the premiere of the superfast superhero solo album is still kept secret.

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