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Casting: Lively - to the ring, Rapace - to the bodyguards

Image When they talk about MMA fighters, they hardly immediately think of Blake Lively , but last year the actress quite successfully coped with a bloodthirsty shark in the horror "The Shallows", and now she is ready to throw herself new challenge.

Deadline reports that Lively will star in the movie Bruised . The director's chair of the project will be taken by Nick Cassavetes ("The Memory Diary"), and the script belongs to Michelle Rosenfarb, who is just starting her career in big cinema.

The film focuses on a single mother named Jackie who is trying to make ends meet by working two jobs. In the past, she has a career as a MMA fighter, and now the authorities intend to take away the woman's son. To put things in order in his own life, Jackie decides to return to the ring and use his last chance.

In addition to the aforementioned The Shallows , the drama Social Life was released last year with Blake Lively in one of the main roles. The actress also managed to complete the filming of the film I Only See You, which is being prepared for release in September.


After Noomi Rapace got to Hollywood, not all films with her participation became hits. Thus, "Number 44" and "Transformation" failed in the box office, but the actress continues to select dramas and thrillers as new projects. Noomi signed up to shoot the movie Close , based in part on real events. Rapace will play Sam - an expert in the fight against terrorism, tasked with protecting the heiress of a wealthy family. At first it seemed that a new job was just another boring occupation, but it soon turns out that dangerous people want to kidnap the girl, and the main character starts running with her ward.

Filming for the project will start next month and will be led by Vicki Juison (Lady Godiva).


Ben Kingsley (Schindler's List), Benno Furmann (The North Face) and Tuva Novotny (Come On! Come On!) will play in the film Intrigo: Death of an Author - the first part of a trilogy based on the books of Hokan Nesser. In December it became known that Daniel Alfredson ("The Girl Who Played with Fire") will lead the shooting of all three films. Work on the adaptations will run until the end of August, and the first of them is due to open in theaters at the end of next year.

The original is set in an unnamed country in northern Europe. All three novels share the same structure and are united by themes of flight, guilt, revenge, and redemption.

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