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Casting: Perpetrator's Wife and Slenderman Victim

Image The fame of Ana de Armas in Hollywood brought the horror movie "Who's There" - he and Lorenza Izzo mocked Keanu Reeves very impressively, and as a result, the Cuban got a role first in the action movie Boys with Guns, and then in the blockbuster Blade Runner 2049. According to the portal Deadline , de Armas has added another interesting film to the list of her future projects - she will play in the thriller by Andrea di Stefano Three Seconds .

De Armas will join Euel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, Common and Clive Owen, who have previously joined the project. It will be based on the Swedish bestseller by Andres Roslund and Berge Hellstrom.

In the center of the film will be a reformed criminal and former special forces soldier Pete Hoffman , forced to cooperate with a corrupt FBI agent to return to his wife and daughter. The hero infiltrates undercover in the Polish mafia in New York, but as a final task he must go back to prison. His mission turns into a race against time when the drug deal fails and Pete is considered a mole.

De Armas will play the wife of Hoffman Sophia - a businesswoman who runs a grocery store.


Elizabeth Ludlow (The Walking Dead) has joined the cast of the sequel to Godzilla , which previously included Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown. Michael Dougherty (Krampus) will take the director's chair.

The plot of the blockbuster is kept secret, but, according to rumors, the speech in the second part will focus on the heroic efforts taken by the organization "Monarch", which is forced to fight a whole group of huge monsters. Among them will be Godzilla , whose paths will cross with Motra , Rodan and King Ghidora . All these revived myths want one thing - domination, and the fate of humanity is in the balance.


Kevin Chapman ("The Suspect") received a role in the horror film Slender Man from director Sylvain White ("Hawaii Police"). Horror events will revolve around a tall, thin figure with an eerie impersonal face, guilty of the disappearance of countless people. Chapman will play Mr. Jensen , an emotionally devastated alcoholic father who is likely to fall victim to Slenderman . The main roles in the film will be played by Joey King and Julia Golden Telles.

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