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Zac Efron will go straight to hell

Image It seems that Zac Efron is haunted by Leonardo DiCaprio's laurels. Several years ago, Leo produced and starred in the crime comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, based on the autobiography of notorious broker Jordan Belfort. Variety reports that Efron can follow in the footsteps of his Oscar-winning colleague and take on dual functions when working on the tape " Straight to Hell " whose plot evokes direct associations with the film by Martin Scorsese.

The painting " Straight to Hell " will be based on the book of the same name by John Lefebvre. Paramount Pictures has decided to entrust the script to John Phillips, who already knows Efron from the comedy "The Grandfather of Easy virtue."

Lefebvre rose to fame five years ago when he began posting gossip on social media overheard in the elevator of one of the world's largest banks, Goldman Sachs . The stories about the dirty secrets of Wall Street were very popular, thanks to which Twitter GSElevator was able to rapidly gain an army of thousands of subscribers. Officials from Goldman Sachs were quick to announce that Lefebvre never worked for them, but the author of tales about money-wasting bankers has already signed a deal to publish the book.


Experts question the veracity of many of John's stories, but this does not prevent his book from being extremely entertaining reading. According to Lefebvre himself, during his parties with brokers, he managed to crash several expensive sports cars, receive lifetime bans on visiting a number of nightclubs and even fight with the star English football player Wayne Rooney.

Efron has not yet decided whether he should take on the embodiment of the image of Lefebvre , but has already agreed to take the position of the producer of the film.

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Author: Jake Pinkman