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The Secret Life of Dogs and Bruce Willis: Watch This Week

Image This is not to say that next week will be marked by high-profile film premieres. After three weekends with blockbusters of varying degrees of success, the distributors seem to give us a break, but this does not mean that starting next Thursday there will be absolutely nothing to watch. The undisputed leader among the upcoming novelties is the animation project "The Secret Life of Pets " from the studio Illumination Entertainment , which gave us a witty and funny "Despicable Me" and exploiting a successful brand, but bankrupt " Minions ". In light of the above, the quality level of the " Secret Life " raises questions: a cartoon can both disappoint and cause a wave of genuine children's admiration, especially since its concept, although not original, is curious.

Have you always wanted to know what your pets are doing in the absence of their owners? Then the cartoon will definitely make you smile, especially those viewers who know firsthand what it means to have a pet. In favor of the film, there are many features characteristic of dogs and cats, which the creators learned from observing their own four-legged and even consulting professional cynologists. I must admit that although the family adventure comedy evokes associations with the masterpiece of the studio Pixar "Toy Story" in the head, it has its own unique finds, like a rogue rock party at a party with a prim poodle or a massage session at the dachshund. All these finds, mixing together the fiction of the writers and the real habits of dogs and cats of different breeds, were appreciated by critics, who noted that, unlike Finding Dory, " The Secret Life " will appeal to both children and their parents. American viewers also managed to confess their love for a charming motley company that set off on a dangerous journey through the never-sleeping New York. " Pets " several times became the leaders of the American box office, managing to snatch victory from seemingly stronger competitors like "Ghostbusters".

The Secret Life of Pets
Dubbed Trailer

Finally, it is worth drawing a compelling parallel with another project this year dedicated to our smaller brothers. Of course, " The Secret Life " will not be able to avoid comparisons with Disney's "Zootopia", and the difference will be noticeable at least in the quality of the drawing of textures and in the more inventive scenario of the latter. However, the directors of the novelty Chris Reno and Yarrow Cheney reasonably note that their film is definitely not worse in terms of realistic animation, colorful graphics, detailed characters and a sincere emotional attitude to the brave and kind history, which was created for two years. Well, USA viewers will be able to appreciate their love for the animal world in four days.

For those who have no children or are too serious to watch cartoons, distributors have prepared a dramedy " Guys with Guns ", which is based on a true story retold by journalist Guy Lawson. It's about two former losers who knocked out a $ 300 million deal with the Pentagon to supply weapons to Afghan rebels. Naturally, the buddies got into trouble that were equally ridiculous and deadly.

Guys with Guns
Dubbed Trailer

The film was staged by the director of "The Hangover in Vegas" and "Back to Back" Todd Phillips , who here also did not do without cooperation with his favorite Bradley Cooper. However, the producers first gave the central roles to Jesse Eisenberg and Shia LaBeouf. And after the named actors dropped out of the project, they turned their attention to Miles Teller and John Hill. Judging by the trailer, they were right, because the duo not only gave their best on the set, but also enjoyed each other's work and company, which could not but affect their interaction on the screen. Well, Phillips himself, who had a hand in the script, generously spiced it up with black witticisms, topical questions and caustic satire as usual. So the film, although not distinguished by a loud advertising campaign, is worth watching.

If in the last summer days you want to tune in to a more serious mood, you should look into the next hall, where they will play the harsh dramatic western " At Any Cost ", which was warmly received at the Cannes Film Festival and praised by critics as the most an unexpected and pleasant find in the industry lately. And they can be understood - already from one trailer to the tape of David McKenzie goosebumps run on the skin. The story of two brothers cornered by the government and forced to commit a crime seems so atmospheric, deep and contradictory. The plot, which often takes place in the modern world, is clear to every viewer. The heroes in it are living people fighting for the family and for each other in ways they understand.

Love and Friendship
Dubbed Trailer

In addition to the impeccable atmosphere of the American West and nostalgic old-fashioned action scenes, the western boasts a number of serious acting jobs. In the end, who can resist the novelty in which Jeff Bridges plays the sheriff, for whom the principles of humanity are more important than professional ones? The consistently powerful Ben Foster and Chris Pine, who is looking for himself in the drama, are both pleasing. In a word, those who are not indifferent to such dramas as "Rover" and "Strictly to the West" are not recommended to skip the movie McKenzie , which authoritative publications have compared to a rattlesnake ready to throw.

The European costume drama " Love and Friendship " looks less advantageous against the background of rivals. This slightly theatrical, colloquial adaptation of Jane Austen's novel " Lady Susan " may seem like mothballs, although in fact it is quite relevant, ironic and poignant. Moviegoers who have appreciated her have made comparisons with some of the early films of Wes Anderson and Woody Allen, although parallels with the films The Importance of Being Earnest, Easy Behavior and Golden Youth are more appropriate here. By the way, the last film appeared on this list for a reason - it is its scriptwriter and director, winner of the " Oscar " nomination, Whit Stillman, who is also responsible for creating " Love and Friendship ".

Love and Friendship
Dubbed Trailer

As in all his films, he speaks very easily and confidentially about serious things like the relationship between men and women. In addition, on the site of this production, he was noted for cooperation with many famous European actors. Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Fry are the masters of Love and Friendship . Isn't there a reason to attend this movie?

Finally, distributors offer domestic viewers to evaluate another attempt by Bruce Willis to remind about himself. It is a pity that the projects for this action-star chooses not the most suitable. The action movie Raiders Stephen S. Miller is replete with genre cliches - predictable progression of a tense conflict, cardboard villains, inventive gunfights and chases. Judging by the estimates of Western moviegoers, even a bored Die Hard , together with his assistants Christopher Meloni, Dave Batista and Adrian Grenier, do not save the day. However, in the absence of an alternative in this niche, the public has to choose only " Raiders ". Those who are spoiled by driving and intelligent action films will have to wait until the very beginning of autumn,

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