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This guy's life. Dubbed Paterson Trailer

Image Jim Jarmusch has been closely associated with American indie for several decades. Since the eighties, the director, if he does not give out a masterpiece for a masterpiece, then at least never shuffles and remains extremely honest. His works "Stranger than in Paradise", "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Dead Man", "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai" have deservedly received recognition at international film festivals. The maestro's last film to date, Only Lovers Alive, was released three years ago and took part in the main competition program of the Cannes, Toronto and New York festivals.

The new painting "Paterson" tells about the life of a common bus driver. During the day, he travels the same route, listens to the same conversations of passengers, and in between, writes down his own poems in a small notebook. In the evenings, he walks the dog, visits a bar and reads poetry to his wife. And so day by day. The scene is a town called Paterson. The main character's name is Paterson ...

In this tape, the main role was played by Adam Driver, who first became famous for his participation in the series. A year ago, the actor woke up as a world young star when he played the antagonist in the seventh episode of Star Wars.

Dubbed trailer

The acquaintance of USA viewers with the poems and the route of Paterson will take place on February 16, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman