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The Demon Inside

Image Alternative history projects have always been popular with viewers. One of the first original dramas of Amazon's streaming service was "The Man in the High Castle," which depicts the reality in which Germany won World War II. IDW Entertainment, on the other hand, wants to imagine what would happen if the allies had won the war, but with the support of supernatural beings. According to the information portal Deadline, IDW is going to adapt for small screens a mini-series of graphic novels called Darkness Visible ("Visible darkness" *), created by Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David.

According to the plot, mankind has to coexist on Earth with demons largely due to the fact that they helped the allies to win the Second World War. However, the two races do not get along well with each other, which has led to an ongoing terrorist conflict. But what to do if demons do not live in your neighborhood, but in yourself? This is the problem faced by Detective Daniel Aston, whose task is to maintain a delicate balance between the parties. Now Aston is ready to pay any price to protect his daughter from harm. Even when it comes to mass extermination of people ...

Darkness Visible is a thriller with elements of the supernatural and reflections on the themes of racism, immigration, terrorism and politics that are relevant around the world today.


The project will be executive produced by the creators of the comic, as well as Kavan Ash (God's Land), Trevor Macy (Access Code Cape Town) and IDW Entertainment President David Ozer. Notably, Darkness Visible isn't the first IDW comic to hit TV. Winona Earp has already found its fans, and Locke & Key ("Lock and Key" *) is just getting ready for filming.

* - preliminary translation.

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