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Gerard Butler is ready to climb Board # 1

Image While neither 2013's The Fall of Olympus , nor last year's The Fall of London received much critical acclaim, both parts of the Millennium Films Millennium Films action franchise >have successfully recouped the costs of their creation. The opening tape of the film series earned $ 161 million with a budget of $ 70 million , and the $ 60 million sequel grossed $ 205 million . The third film about the adventures of the US Secret Service agent Mike Banning was announced back in October last year, but Millennium Films was in no hurry to announce the name of its director to the world.

As it became known to the edition The Hollywood Reporter , famous Hollywood stuntman Rick Roman Waugh will take the baton from the director of “ Fall of London ” Babak Najafi. The Los Angeles native made his directing debut in 2001 with the thriller In The Shadows. He can also be known to the general public as a director of such crime dramas as "The Outlaw" and "Informer".

Earlier it was reported that the triquel will be called " Angel Fall ". Since the Secret Service uses the word "angel" as the codename for the plane of the American president, it can be assumed that in the new part of the film series, the hero of Gerard Butler will rescue the passengers and crew of Board number one .


The production team for Angel Falls will include Alan Siegel (Law Abiding Citizen), Mark Gill ("Frida"), Matthew O'Toole ("The Expendables") and Gerard Butler .

The Topic of Article: Gerard Butler is ready to climb Board # 1.
Author: Jake Pinkman