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Has Daniel Craig switched from anger to mercy?

Image Briton Daniel Craig , best known to the general public for his role as James Bond in the last four installments of the franchise, seems to want to take back his heady statements of farewell to Agent 007, reports Variety .

In an interview, Craig admitted that perhaps he shouldn't part with Bond yet. Playing the role of Her Majesty's agent a couple of times should not harm him, the actor believes. Apparently, having finally rested after the project, Craig remembered: immersion in the spy world is the best thing in his career. However, do not forget that the bosses of the studio supervising the film series MGM , stubbornly wanting to return the Briton to the main role, offered their capricious star a new contract, implying a substantial amount and the post of co-producer of Bond.


Thus, the producers of the franchise Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson have once again confirmed that Craig is Bond number one for them. Perhaps this is what reasoned Daniel about his own involvement in the fate of the series.

So far, however, his future as James Bond remains in question. Recall that on the SPECTRA press tour last year, the actor wished the next Bond film crew good luck and hinted that he was not at all worried about the future life of the legendary franchise. In addition, he noted that“would rather cut his veins with shards of glass than take another sip of a shaken, but not mixed martini”.


It is interesting that earlier the director of the last two parts of the James Bond film, Sam Mendes, abandoned the director's chair for the sequel, explaining that he was tired of filming blockbusters and a desire to return to work in the theater. Most likely, he will stick to his decision, despite the fact that it was the “Skyfall” coordinates ”and“ SPECTRUM ”that he filmed that brought the British intelligence agent to a new level of financial success.

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