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Mark Strong will open an underground clinic

Image Scandinavian TV shows have long haunted English and American filmmakers. In 2011, the eponymous remake of the Danish TV series "Murder" appeared, in 2013 the "Bridge" was released, the action of which was transferred to the border of Texas and Mexico. Then there were the less successful "Those Who Kill" with Chloe Sevigny as a detective of the Boston police and "Feed the Beast" with David Schwimmer.

As it became known to the portal Deadline , it has arrived in the regiment of Scandinavian remakes. British company Hera Pictures , headed by producer Lisa Marshall (Taboo, Before I Sleep), has bought the adaptation rights to the Norwegian TV series Valkyrie . The thriller will move from Oslo to London and starring Mark Strong ("Kingsman: The Secret Service").


The plot revolves around a surgeon desperate to find a cure for his dying wife after the hospital refused to treat her. To save his wife, the hero organizes an illegal clinic located deep underground at an abandoned metro station. His partners will be a supporter of the idea of an imminent Apocalypse and a civil anarchist. They will supply him with patients - from gang leaders to refugees - those who cannot or do not want to seek traditional medical care.


According to Lisa Marshall , she watched every episode of Valkyries in one sitting, and it turned out to be one of the smartest, most exciting and unusual dramas that she has seen in recent years. ... The series, it seems to her, appeared very timely and will perfectly fit into the London realities, where political uncertainty and social unrest reign.

“The plot is both intriguing and very original, and all the characters are complex and ambiguous. It is a great honor to present the audience with an English-language version of this story, "- shared the lead actor Mark Strong .

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Author: Jake Pinkman