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Kate Mara will fall victim to Senator Kennedy

Image At the end of last year, we wrote that Hollywood is preparing a thriller " Chappaquidick " about the tragic incident involving Senator Ted Kennedy on the island of the same name in Massachusetts, which caused one of the most high-profile political scandals in the history of the United States.

Sam Taylor-Johnson ("Fifty Shades of Gray") was ready to take the director's chair for the film, but in the end the management of the film company Apex Entertainment chose to hand the project over to John Curran ("Painted Veil "). With the new helmsman on board, the biopic successfully entered the casting stage. Deadline reports that Kate Mara (The Martian), Ed Helms (The Hangover in Vegas) and Jason Clarke ("Planet of the Apes: Revolution").

Mara is to embody the image of Senator Kennedy 's assistant - Mary Jo Kopecne. On July 18, 1969, a politician and a 28-year-old girl were at a party in the midst of which Ted took the car keys from his driver. Later, Kennedy would claim that Kopecne asked him to take her to the hotel, but journalists learned that she left her purse with a room key card at the party. The car never reached the hotel: under strange circumstances, it fell from the bridge into the river. The politician managed to get ashore, but he chose not to return to the water to try to save the girl.


Clark has the role of Kennedy , and Helms will be reincarnated as his cousin Joseph Gargan , who insisted that the incident the competent authorities were notified. As a result, Ted got off with only a suspended sentence for leaving the scene, but the scandal surrounding the death of Kopecnya turned out to be so loud that the senator had to abandon the idea of running for president.


Rumor has it that the Massachusetts incident is still considered a taboo topic in the Kennedy family , which is why representatives of the famous political dynasty have resisted Hollywood's attempts to make a film about it for almost half a century. Chappaquidick will be produced by Campbell McInness and Mark Chiardi ("The Trainer").

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Author: Jake Pinkman