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Casting: Modern Hamlet and the Difficult Teenager

Image Reese Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) won an historic Emmy win this year, becoming the first South Asian actor to win a major television award. Now Ahmed has his eye on one of the most famous roles in drama history: Reese is set to play Hamlet. The portal Deadline writes about this.

The actor has been working on a new interpretation of the classic plot for some time now, with the help of one of the scriptwriters of Macbeth, Michael Lessley. In their version, the action of Shakespeare's play is transported to modern London, where a real drama unfolds against the background of economic and political uncertainty in a more traditional family. The film will be financed by the online service Netflix, and now the project needs to find a director.

The last time Ahmed appeared on the big screens was in the film City of Dim Lights, and next year the films Sisters Brothers and Venom with the actor's participation will be released.


While Reese Ahmed dreams of playing Hamlet, the list of his co-stars on the Venom set is growing steadily. Reid Scott (Big P) is in talks with Sony for a role in the blockbuster. Tom Hardy will play the journalist Eddie Brock, who, after combining with an alien symbiote, goes all out. The cast of Ruben Fleischer's film also includes Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate, but Sony is in no hurry to reveal which comic book characters will appear in Venom, other than Brock himself.

Owen Teague signed up for the Locke and Key TV series based on the graphic novel of the same name. Thus, the new show of the online service Hulu will become a kind of reunion of the horror team "It": in addition to Teague, Megan Charpentier and Jackson Robert Scott migrated from the horror film Andres Muschetti to the telecomic, and Muschetti will direct the pilot episode of the drama. They will be accompanied by Francis O'Connor, Nate Corddry, Jack Mulhern and Danny Glover. The project is curated by original author Joe Hill and producer Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel).


After the brutal murder of their father, the Locke children return to their childhood home in the secluded town of Lovecraft. Their mother finds solace in her own grief and at the bottom of the bottle and does not even notice that something is wrong in the house. There are too many locked doors and too many questions ... The older children, Tyler and Kinsey, are not in their best condition. But the youngest son Bode quickly finds himself a friend who lives at the bottom of an empty well, and a new toy in the form of a key that opens the door to the world of entertainment. But not all doors are worth opening, and soon the horrors, real and fictional, will come for Locke. Owen Teague got the role of Sam Lesser - a cruel youth who went to the same school as Tyler Locke in San Francisco and is responsible for the death of his father.

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