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Liam Neeson is back in the saddle

Image In recent years, the name Liam Neeson has become strongly associated with the image of a tough action hero with a special set of skills. Fortunately for fans of the Northern Irishman's work, some filmmakers do not forget to use his talent in serious dramatic projects.

As reported by Deadline , Neeson accepted the offer to play the lead role in the Oscar-winning film " The Trainer " ( The Trainer ) Neil Jordan , under whose direction he has already starred in films such as Michael Collins, Pep and Breakfast on Pluto. The drama is being produced with the support of the Irish Film Institute and producers Arthur Lappin (My Left Foot) and Robin Gerland (The Candidate), who are currently looking for distributors for the 37th annual American film market . Filming is expected to begin next summer in Ireland.

" The Coach " was written by David Donoghue, James Wilmar and Todd Komarniki (Miracle on the Hudson). Neeson is set to embody the image of John Moore , an outstanding Irish racehorse coach who retired after a personal tragedy. A young refugee Nadia , who is trying to get rid of the fears of her past, gives him a chance to return to life. The fate of the main characters of the film will be united by a horse named Allabel , with the help of which they will understand that they still have strength for one exciting race ...


Recent projects by Neeson indicate that the actor is ready to fulfill his promise to leave the genre of action. Liam recently completed filming in the biopic "Felt" about a participant in the famous Watergate scandal , and in January next year he can be seen on the screens in Martin Scorsese's religious drama "Silence".

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Author: Jake Pinkman