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Size matters. Shorter Trailer

Image Alexander Payne during his directing career managed to receive two Oscars , work with George Clooney on Descendants, stage a short story in the film almanac "Paris, I Love You" and even play the role of Oscar Wilde in it. Now the director is busy with his new job - dramedies with fantasy elements " In short ".

The planet is home to more than seven billion people, each of whom is at risk of overpopulation. The film will tell about one of the ways of salvation.The main characters live their lives quietly until they see a doctor reduced to the size of a finger appear on TV, and their once great acquaintances are having dinner at a doll table. Reduction is a new procedure that promises not only to solve all problems by rewarding with a lot of money and a house by the lake, but also to change the world for the better. Paul and Audrey Shafranek decide to radically and irreversibly change their lives, plunging into a brave new world.

The main role went to Matt Damon, while Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig will appear in the characters of the supporting characters. And while the most interested viewers are waiting for the official release of the tape in USA distribution on January 11, 2018, we suggest evaluating the duplicated trailer " In short ".

Duplicate trailer

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